How Do I Change Color of Link in Youtube?

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Hey guys..

Take a look at the attached screenshot. I'd like to change the color of the link circled in red while keeping all other links/words the same color. How do I do that?

Below is the link to that youtube page for your reference. Thanks..

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  • Dont waste your time.

    Only waste of time is getting sucked into the alternate reality of attempting to help you with your completely fabricated issues. You've been pretending to be clueless for so long that you're actually stuck on stupid.

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  • The thing you circled is not a link, just plain text. By now you should have learned a bit more about inspecting elements and CSS selectors.

    Target it with this:

    .yt-lockup-content > li:first-of-type 
        { color:red !important; }
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    Target it with this:

    .yt-lockup-content > li:first-of-type 
        { color:red !important; }
    Wassup stonecrusher,

    Thanks man. That worked perfectly. Didnt know it was text. When I hover over it my pointer changes like it was a link.

    I looked at your links. But I use inspector and am able to modify basic elements. But for this specific element all I found was " .yt-lockup-meta-info > li" in the styles panel of inspector.

    My question is, how were you able to find ".yt-lockup-content > li:first-of-type"?

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    I didn't just find it but looked at the site structure and considered that combination of selectors. For that you need to know the available selectors.

    When inspecting you should have seen that it's not a link (not somewhere inside <a></a>)
    As there can be either one or two .yt-lockup-meta classes on the same level, the + selector seemed appropriate. They are both descendants of .yt-lockup-content, hence the >.
    Last thing, the "space" operator says it should be just somewhere inside the element on the left side. Just looking for list items, choose only the first on a level :first-of-type.

    You really should learn about CSS selectors if you are making styles by yourself as we always have the problem that we can't alter the given html structure or add classes.

    If you could give everything you want to target an appropriate class name, you wouldn't need sophisticated selectors.

  • Hi stonecrusher,

    Good to know. I'll look this up. Appreciate the in-depth help. Have a good one.
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