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An error has occurred using the Stylish Database - Firefox 57

Hi everyone - I'm on Stylish 3.0.1 on Firefox 57. I get the following message whenever I click on the Stylish "S" icon:

An error has occurred using the Stylish database. Would you like to visit a web page with possible solutions?

I then checked my profile folder in Firefox and saw that the stylish.sqlite file that's supposed to be there is nowhere to be found. Can I perhaps replace this? Also, what could have caused Stylish to fail to create that file in the first place?

If it helps at all, I am running Arch Linux and am using i3wm.


  • I have the same error message shown, and I can't seem to add or use any styles at all.
    I've tried reinstalling Stylish and updating Firefox, but no luck.

    If anyone has ideas on how to resolve the issue, please help me.
  • edited December 3 Firefox
    First, if you have Firefox set to automatic private browsing, you cannot use Stylish or Stylus, because the database access is blocked in private windows. This is a limitation of Firefox at the moment.

    If you open the Options/Preferences page, Privacy & Security panel, either "Firefox will: Never remember history" or "Always use private browsing mode" will cause this behavior.

    Second, the stylish.sqlite database will exist only if you previously used Stylish 2.1.1 or earlier. If you started with Stylish 3.0 or newer, then that file will not exist since there is a completely different database and location in the new version.

    I don't know if any of that is applicable to your situation, or whether Stylish is just broken for some reason.
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