Firefox 57 - Make style for Addon firefox page not possible (CSP) - A solution ?
don't accept injecting userstyle (Stylish and Stylus) because the use of this damn CSP.

How we can style these pages ?


  • Or userContent.css ?
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    Yes i know this about config trick:
    privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager Set its value to true.

    in Firefox 57, the trick bring back by example the " add to collection" function for the OLD design version (Desktop) of site and not for the NEW version (Mobile).

    But if i try to style these pages, Stylus say:

    Stylus ne fonctionne pas sur les pages de ce genre
    As a security precaution, the browser prohibits extensions from affecting its built-in pages (like chrome://version, the standard new tab page as of Chrome 61, about:addons, and so on) as well as other extensions' pages. Each browser also restricts access to its own extensions gallery (like Chrome Web Store or AMO).
    So impossible to style them...

    Yet, i have not try to use userContent.css for that (i test it for the interface which is great but not the easiest way to do in the world: thanks firefox to broke its functionnality).
  • When set privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager to true, you can also try to manually create a style from the style manager and then target the url.

    There are cases of Stylus reporting it wouldn't work, but in fact it does. You just can't use the Stylus UI from the button.

    It's worth a shot, because it would be more comfortable than userContent.css (which should certainly work)

  • I tested your solution and that's not good:
    - privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager on true
    - Open Stylus editor
    - Paste the CSS of
    - Make a specific Test for the Favorites / collection page:
    .Collection-wrapper {
    background: red !important;
    - Save it and nothing append....

    What's is wrong ?
    Make a test with only the "TEST NEW DESIGN" CSS and that' s the same
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    I didn't test it, that's why I said "It's worth a shot", so apparently it doesn't work :(
    I don't even know what exactly you want to change (Favorites/collection page? Where is that on amo? I don't use it. But actually doesn't matter)

    For testing it's usually best to try something very general and very obvious like

    * { background:red !important; }

    to exclude selector errors.

    If you put it in userContent.css it should work, although you can't manage it with Stylus/Stylish anymore.

  • Any CSS code works normally on the Mozilla add-ons page, using the userContent.css file.
    But you need to restart your browser to see the effect.
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    Thanks for the help!

    I wanted to see if it was possible to adapt one of my "huge" userstyle for AMO:
    But it seems too much work for a result that we can't manage / share easily.

    That's crazy how it could be difficult to "simply" customize our surfing now with this new Faster in the World Firefox Quantum.
    That's evident, if we abandon many extensions for that.
    Without addon our Old firefox was very fast too.
    By example ... snifff ... my poor firebug...

    So , for now, i stay with AMO (desktop) and my Waterfox...
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    Just an other question about use of Firebug on AMO pages (with Waterfox) :

    I can't visualise (highlight it in the page) the CSS selector when i hover it in firebug ...

    I don't remember how to solve this problem , any idea ?
  • can't visualise (highlight it in the page) the CSS selector when i over it in firebug ...

    You mean inspecting elements?

    I don't know about Waterfox, but as AMO pages are now treated as special / internal pages, it might be, that firebug (external addon!) just has no access to it. The new default inspector in standard Firefox still works well.

    However inspecting internal stuff usually has to be enabled first, see here
    Note that the WebDeveloper sidebar can't inspect internal stuff, that's only possible with the extra window "Browser Toolbox" ctrl + shift + alt + i

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