Black loading page/about:blank in Global Dark Style

Hello all, does anyone know how to make it in Global Dark Style so that the loading page/about:blank is black too? Or is that impossible like the about:newtab one? Thank you.


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    Not possible with Stylish.

    But you can put this into userChrome.css and it will be dark.

    Although the code does not explicitly target about:blank (just about:newtab and about:home), it works for me.

  • To eliminate white flashes, use this code in the userChrome.css file:
    @-moz-document url(chrome://browser/content/browser.xul) { #browser #content .browserStack {background-color: [your color] !important;} }
  • Thank you both. I just created that userChrome.css file and tried each of your suggestions, but about:blank and about:/newtab are still white. What is missing?
  • Ok I got it. I made another text document called userContent.css and then put in this code:

    @-moz-document url("about:newtab") {
    body {
    background-color: #000000 !important;

    @-moz-document url("about:blank") {
    body {
    background-color: #000000 !important;

    Now both the loading page about:blank and opening a new tab about:newtab are black.
  • Ugh, sorry, you're right.
    That needs to go to userContent.css, not userChrome.css

  • Yeah, I saw it on another page. Do you know why it is userContent though and not userChrome? I didn't understand that.
  • Because it is displayed like a normal webpage in the content window --> userContent.css (that file behaves like a global style)

    The userChrome.css is just for the user interface
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