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Chrome-Extension styles

Hello clever minds!

I just found out that Stylish can in fact apply styles to Chrome extensions.
I have tried to write one myself, but I can't get it to apply.

Anyone got a quick how-to on how you get a style to apply to a Chrome-Extension?

Thanks for reading!


  • It can only style its own internal pages, it cannot style pages of other extensions.
  • Ohh that explain things.. poop!

    Well thanks for the answer :)
  • I want to explore this subject a little further, please.

    I am attempting to tweak the UI of the chrome-extension for LINE messenger.
    Using F12 to bring up the Developer Tools view for that extension's window I find that the "URL" is :-


    Now I don't know if that jumble of letters is randomly generated each time the extension launches or not and I suspect it does not matter since I can locate the element I wish to tweak and identify CLASS and ID selectors for that element. (Indeed without using stylish I can implement the CSS tweaks I want and they seem to persist for as long as the extension is not closed.)

    Of course if I can now cause stylish to recognize when that extension is launched and trigger my tweaks based on a URL like the one above then all would be sweet!

    Is this a pipe dream? Or has somebody figured out how to do this type of thing for a chrome-extension successfully?

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    There's nothing to figure out. Neither Chrome extensions nor WebExtensions can change other extensions' pages by design.

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