Can I get this style ?

I am a disabled person how do I get this style
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    Are you saying that you want the tabs below the main toolbar, or you want to use or replace the SiteBar add-on?

    Firefox 57 does not support SiteBar or Classic Theme Restorer. You can use a userChrome.css with custom style rules to rearrange and restyle your toolbar area. I don't know what to suggest about SiteBar.
  • Jefferson the style colors blue and grey can I make it like the screenshot using userChrome.css or ?
  • You can specify background colors for the toolbar area using a userChrome.css file. I'm not sure of the specific colors used by Windows XP. Perhaps someone has posted those in the past for people who didn't like the colors in Windows Vista and later.
  • Jefferson I am a disabled person do not know how to set up would you mind setting up for me I use Teamviewer you can log in with Teamviewer it would be good please get back to me
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