Can't install a style on Firefox ESR for Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

We use Stylish on Firefox ESR (45.7.0) on some Raspberry Pi devices to fix issues with the way a web-based wallboard displays data at our company office. The new version broke our existing settings, which is fine--I uploaded our previous CSS to the new site. The problem is, I can't install the actual style from the site.

I have Stylish installed. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the extension on the browser. However, viewing the page for the package on the Pi (using Firefox) shows that it has an "Install with Stylish" button, which takes me to the Stylish installation page, NOT a page/link that I can use to actually get the style installed.

When I use the plugin itself to "Find more styles for this site", it opens the main page of (packed into the dropdown menu like this: I can navigate to the page with my style this way, but it does the same thing--the link opens the Stylish download page, doesn't actually install the style.

Here's the style, which is public for the moment, but I'll make it private if I can fix the issue:

Stylish has been super helpful in fixing some issues with our page, so I'm hoping there's a solution to get this working correctly on our Raspberry Pis. Please let me know if you have any troubleshooting steps you'd advise.


  • Bump--still an ongoing issue, have not heard back by email or on this forum. Can I ask, has a dev read this? I need to get this to work.
  • Check stylus extension
    In firefox you can do it without any extension in userContent.css file. Add !important to every value.
  • Can I ask, has a dev read this?

    Devs are silent for months now. The project is more or less abandoned, they just look that it's not completely browken and that there are still enough users to get data from.
    We guys left in the forum generally recommend using Stylus now instead of Stylish.

    By the way, your FF version is pretty old. ESR52 is out since march and ESR45 has had another two updates to 45.0.9

    Well, by now you could also wait for ESR59 (March 2018) and make the big step to Firefox Quantum.
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