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need more filtering options

Currently filtering works based on only one feature, which is very bad.
It should allow filtering on several criteria, INCLUDING the searchbox. For example: "Recently Updated" + "App Styles" + "keyword: dream" ... just an idea.
Reason for this is that it will narrow the results closer to what the user needs, instead of going through hundreds of irrelevant results.


  • Yep, we all know that the search is broken, but the developers left the boat.
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    Yep, we all know that the search is broken, but the developers left the boat.

    so, this platform is just going on by its own inertia..? Nobody to take over?
    Sorry, I just started using so, it may all be news for me.
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    The former main developer Jason Barnabe sold the whole project ( providing styles and Stylus browser addon) to SimilarWeb Ltd, an analytics company.
    They made a few changes breaking things. Development and support from official site more or less stopped, that's another reason why I usually recommend using alternatives.

    In general, Jefferson provides lots of up to date helpful information summarized on that website, thank you!

    p.s.: You can still get your Styles from as long as it's online (I don't think they'll take it offline soon) - if you can find them.
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