Is it the new version 3.0.1 does not support Firefox for Android?

I am android user, I found that after updated, the installed styles are gone without any effects.....even i click the install with stylish, it connected to install page for chrome.....but even chrome, the installed styles are not taking effect. And i can not found any support or configs about installed styles. I love the changes that made in desktop computer, which is very clear, but can developer concern our needs in mobile? As nowadays people will not sitting in front of computer too long. Any bros get the same trouble ??


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    Stylish 3.0 isn't working for me either with Android. The solution that is working for me currently is to use Stylus. I'm on Firefox 56 on my android phone, using Stylus, and can install styles from US.o by checking the "Request desktop site" on FF options.

  • Thanks, it works great!! :x
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