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"error has occurred using the Stylish database"

This error message occurs when I click on the "S" extension. A style pasted and saved is not found. Help ?? (FF 56 on Mac OS 10.12). Thanks for any suggestions !!


  • Same for me on Firefox 56.0.2 on Windows 10. None of my styles that are already installed are working.
  • If you use automatic private browsing mode, or if you are trying to create/edit a style in a private window, this may be blocking Stylish 3 from accessing its database. See:
  • Jefferson - Thanks for your help, but I do not use private browsing mode.
  • edited November 2017 Firefox
    Another possible reason for this error is if Firefox is set not to accept cookies (Options/Preferences page, Privacy & Security panel, Custom settings for history). Apparently that affects the ability of extensions to use IndexedDB storage. This is expected to be fixed in Firefox 59, about three months from now.
  • Jefferson, Nice guess, but no luck; on my system, Firefox accepts cookies. But even if that were the problem, if you wait until FF 59, will you have any users left ?
  • Hi Joseph, without more precise information about the problem, I'm out of guesses.

    To be clear, I'm a fellow user and not a Stylish developer.

    Personally, I haven't decided whether to continue using Stylish after Firefox 57 is released. My main use is to modify the user interface, which won't be possible using Stylish or Stylus, but requires a userChrome.css file.
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