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Clicking on 'Backup all installed' to backup my styles, a .dms file is downloaded, which I am unable to open on my Mac. Any help would be apreciated in my opening of this file.
Thankj you.


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    That button creates a .json format file. Can you edit the file extension on MacOS X, for example, in Finder?

    (On Windows, you can use Rename to do it.)
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    Hi Jefferson,
    Thanks for your reply. I can do nothing with the .dms file. I have many applications on my computer that open files with various extension names, but none will open the .dms file.
  • But can you rename the .dms file with a .json extension?
  • Brilliant! Thanks, Jefferson, renaming the file to .json works. Thanks, again, for solving this problem. Appreciated.
  • Hopefully they'll do an update and add the extension for us.
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