Firefox - Name of the file to save?

With version 2.0.7, the name of the file to be saved in the firefox profile was stylish.sqlite. With version 3, the stylish.sqlite file is no longer recognized (the import does not take it into account). What is the name of the file?
Another point: when I click on "Save installed styles", firefox opens a window with a different name each time and without extension (xzZrb2e5 or +u+RoxP_ or something else). Is this normal?
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    Generally speaking, WebExtension storage is here:

    [profile folder]\browser-extension-data

    Migrated styles can be found in that folder.

    Stylish 3 uses IndexedDB and that data is stored here:

    [profile folder]\storage\default\[moz-extension... folder]

    The file generated by "Save installed styles" is in JSON format. If you edit the file name after you save it to have a .json extension, then you can view its contents in a Firefox tab. It differs from the migrated file (storage.js) because it is limited to what you see on the Manage All Styles screen.
  • If you need to extract a copy of styles from stylish.sqlite for copy/paste into the Stylish 3.0 migration editor, you can drag and drop the file on this tool:

    If you want to re-try the automatic migration, you could install the older version (assuming you have Firefox 56 and not 57), 2.1.1, from here:
  • Firefox is in version 54.0.2 because I use proprietary extensions for my job.
  • For Firefox 54, I think you should stick with Stylish 2.1.1.

    On the Add-ons page, if you click the More link for Stylish, you should find an option to turn off Automatic Updates for the extension.
  • I came back in 2.0.7.
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