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Drop down menu padding

I'd like to increase the padding between the listed choices on my drop-down and pop-up menus. The text seems a little too bunched together for me. I did a bit of google and firefox stylish searching but couldn't make anything work. I'd appreciate any help someone can give. I have stylish installed. Thanks.


  • Hi Eric, what versions of Firefox and Stylish are you using?

    Starting in Stylish 3.0 and/or Firefox 57, Stylish can no longer modify the user interface. You'll need to put your rules in a userChrome.css file.

    However, if you still have Stylish 2.1.1 on Firefox 56 (or the Extended Support Release of Firefox 52), then Stylish is a very handy way to test/preview your rules.

    Could you be more specific about which menus you want to style, and which OS? For example:

    * Top menu bar -- on Windows
    * Right-click context menu for pages or links
    * Bookmarks Menu that drops from the toolbar button
  • Firefox 56.0.2, Stylish 3.0, Windows 10. Looking to affect drop down menus from top Windows menu bar (File through Help), and right click pop up menu.

    Had to get new laptop, so just downloaded Stylish early this week. Have used it before, but this version looks way different. I'm a novice Stylish user. Have never worked with userChrome.css files, not sure how to do that.

    Wondering if it's possible to download an earlier version of Stylish?...

    Otherwise, is the userChrome.css easy to use?

  • Since you are still using Firefox 56, you can install the "Legacy" version of Stylish from this page: (get 2.1.1)

    That would be easiest for now.

    userChrome.css is moderately easy to use. The main problem historically is that Firefox won't read changes to the file until you exit out and start it up again. So for tweaking a pixel here and a pixel there, Stylish (Preview button) was way more convenient.

    Now you can edit userChrome.css using a built-in developer tool called the Browser Toolbox. That allows you to see changes in real time and once they are ready, save them out to the userChrome.css file. Some links that might be useful:


    Regarding the menus, the Bookmarks Menu behaves differently from the others. You may need to combine two sets of rules. If you do not find what you need here, there is a subreddit for getting help with Firefox user interface mods:
  • Thanks for the help.
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