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Installing Styles For Firefox

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Hello, Stylish has just been updated, and I've been trying to reinstall my Stylish themes for Firefox, but I can't reinstall them. Can someone please help me? Also, I keep getting an error with the Stylish database. Please can you fix this?


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    Hi Caroline, if you are not yet on Firefox 57, could you try rolling back to version 2.1.1 of Stylish for Firefox:

    Does that version work? It should migrate your data from the old Legacy extension storage to the new WebExtensions storage. That may not fix the database, but it's the best I can suggest at the moment until there is an official explanation.

    If it does work, I suggest going to the Add-ons page, User Styles section, and using the Export button to make a backup for future reference.
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    Thank you so much, Jefferson! That really helped! But now, I'm having trouble getting player styles to show up. How can I fix this?
  • Sorry, what do you mean by player styles?
  • I mean that when I install player styles like the Nyan Cat progress bar theme, they only show up as a white square and I was wondering how to fix this?
  • Hmm, I don't know.

    That one works for me, but I never installed 3.0, I've stayed on 2.1.1. Hopefully someone familiar with the internals of the extension can help.
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    Okay, I'll try that. By the way, Stylish updated again so I rolled it back again. How can I migrate my styles so that I don't lose them?
  • Firefox 2.1.1 is supposed to migrate your styles to WebExtensions storage automatically where Stylish 3.0 finds them. But... I don't know what you're supposed to do if that doesn't work. (Note: styles that apply to Firefox itself can't be applied in Stylish 3.0 or Stylus; they need to be added to a userChrome.css file.)

    I have a tool on my website to create an HTML page you could use to copy/paste your existing styles (one by one) into the Stylish 3.0 editor. Hopefully someone from will chime in with a simpler solution.

    (Your stylish.sqlite database is in your profile folder: )
  • I experimented with Stylish 3.0.1 in a new profile. I copied over my stylish.sqlite, installed Stylish 2.1.1, then after the data was extracted, updated to Stylish 3.0.1.

    Surprise! Only 14 of my 108 user styles were listed in the Manage All Styles screen in the new Stylish. These were the user styles that were installed from and applied to at least one web page (the ones that applied only to the interface were, of course, not listed). They were all automatically enabled even though I had most of them disabled before. What a mess...

    There is an "About this version" page which shows the original user styles so you can manually copy/paste your "locally created" styles to new Stylish 3 user styles. It also lets you recover any manually edited user styles that were overridden by being re-downloaded from The attached screenshot shows where you can find the link.

    I added a section on this to my page here:

    Note: That was tested in Firefox 56.0.2.
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    Thanks for your help, but I keep getting an error that says "An error has occurred using the Stylish database. Would you like to visit a web page with possible solutions?" whenever I click on the Stylish 3 icon. How can I fix this?
  • I asked this two days ago, but I'm having trouble opening Stylish 3 which keeps saying "An error has occurred using the Stylish database. Would you like to visit a web page with possible solutions?" Also, Stylish says that I have no styles for pages that I do have styles installed for whenever I open it on those pages. What can I do about this?
  • So far, I have not seen an official explanation or solution. In my research, two reasons that an extension might not be able to access its database are:

    (1) Firefox set not to accept cookies
    (2) Firefox set to start up automatically in private browsing mode

    That would affect ALL extensions which used IndexedDB databases to store information, not just Stylish and Stylus. But there is at least one other user who says that is not the issue.
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    Thank you for your help, but my Firefox accepts cookies and I'm not starting in Private Browsing Mode. What can I do about this?
  • If there is no effective tech support for Stylish 3.0 (hello Stylish people?!) you may need to try an alternative such as Stylus.
  • Thanks, Jefferson. I may have to do that until they can fix Stylish.
  • Hello, I forgot how to transfer my old styles to Stylish. Do you know how to do this?
  • Hello, I forgot how to transfer my old styles to Stylish. Do you know how to do this?

    Do you mean from Stylish 2 (Legacy) to Stylish 3 (WebExtensions)? If that did not happen automatically, you can extract your style from the Stylish 2 database file. I have a tool for that here:
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    Yes I do. Thank you, but I keep getting an error saying there was an error with the database. What can I do about this? Also, I've extracted my styles as a .json file, but how do I add them to Stylish?
  • Hi Caroline, everything I know about the database problem has been mentioned previously in this thread.
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