Stylish 1.8.3 for Chrome broke all installed styles completely, no further styles can be installed


I just lost my user styles in Chrome, then I found the extension was disabled due to extra permissions. Once I re-enabled it, the styles were all gone. When I attempted to reinstall them or any new ones, none of them actually appear in any installed lists.

I suspect 1.8.3 had something to do with this. I don't see any error messages about a corruption anywhere either.

What's going on?
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  • Wow, that was some major screwiness. What ended up fixing this is force restarting Chrome. Even chrome://restart couldn't kill the running version, I had to force kill it from task manager, and the stuck process was up to 2.5GB of RAM.

    Once I restarted, all the scripts came back, and Stylish was working again.
  • Wow, it happened again. I was able to see my user styles, but couldn't do anything with them. The changes wouldn't stick.

    Restarting hung up again with this, had to kill the process.
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  • Artem, is this still happening to you?
  • Thinkpad4 said:

    Artem, is this still happening to you?

    It hasn't happened since I uninstalled the new Flattr extension which I tied to causing this bug somehow. It was using CPU and tons of RAM, and I wasn't even signed into Flattr. I am not sure if it somehow triggers a bug in Chrome itself, but once I uninstalled it, the issues with Stylish stopped.
  • Ok, thanks for the info
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