How do i use the Drop-Down setting?

I don't understand it very well.


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    For example, a setting to make the background of a footer container #footer red or green:

    Label: Footer color?

    Installkey: f_color

    1. Dropdown option

    Label: I want it green!

    Installkey: f_green

    Code: #00ff00

    2. Dropdown option

    Label: Give me the red one.

    Installkey: f_red

    Code: #ff0000

    In your main CSS code you can include it by writing the main installkey inside /*[[]]*/:

    #footer { background-color:/*[[f_color]]*/ !important; }

    This will be replaced by

    #footer { background-color:#ff0000 !important; }

    if the user chose red.

    The installkeys of the options are just for internal use (e.g. keep settings when updating). Installkeys can be named free but must be unique.

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