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Firepath alternative in devtool for firefox ?

I use Friebug and Firepath (addon) (with Waterfox 55).

Because Firebug became more and more buggy (it's not Updated and integrated to Firefox),
I want have the same function in the devtoolbar:
Search a selector and test it directly in it.

It seem not possible ?


  • There's something new here but I haven't tried it. It isn't integrated to the Developer Tools, so it would be copy/paste at best. I vaguely think there is work ongoing related to an API to interact with devtools, but I'm not following it myself.
  • edited October 2017 Waterfox
    Thanks !
    i quickly tested it , but i can't find how to use it.
    At this time, It seems too complicated for me.
    But it's a good idea and i hope an implementation directly in the dev toolbar (i asked it in my review)
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