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Rarbg White border


I have tried out several styles for and found one i wanted to modify a bit, it was the one that came closest to what i wanted, but none of the styles that i tried had the white border replaced, so i tried to find out where it was and how to replace it, i found out where it is, but not how to even replace it :/

This is what i found out.

So what i need is a way to change that

"class="lista2t" style="border:1px solid #d8d8d8 !important;""

or just the color in it, but what ever i do, it wont replace it, and it might also be why none of the styles for that site ever have it replaced, but just seams a bit odd that you can replace anything else but that one thing hmm

I have tried with

table[style] {
border:1px solid #1ff111 !important;

But naah only gave me yellow around a lot of other except that what i wanted :/

I also tried this

border-bottom:21px solid #ff0000;
border-left:21px solid #ff0000;

Also tried to disable all other styles i have installed, just to see if some were interfering but naah :(

Any suggestions ?
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    Inline CSS with !important declarations aren't overridable with traditional stylesheets. The legacy Stylish for Firefox has the /* AGENT_SHEET */ trick that'll do it, but Chrome does not.

    Short of using javascript to strip it out, you can usually implement some terrible CSS hacks to accomplish the look you're going for. If no other border properties negate it properly, maybe they can be obfuscated with box-shadows or some pseudo-elements or something.

    I'd check it out, but I'm not easily finding the layout or elements you're referring to. Direct links are always helpful.
  • Hey, yeah i was not sure if i were allowed to link to a torrent side :D

    its any where on the sub pages, where you got the images to the left, and the link to the torent on the right side.

    I also tried to install but also cant find a way to replace it, and im not a coder at all, i just look at other example and see if i can find a way to get it to work for me, so that might also be a problem, i do graphic not coding but cant paint my way out of this :(

    And yeah i use Chrome went away from Firefox like 5-6 years ago, had to much problem with it.

    And thx for taking your time to help.
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    Well, if a userscript works for you, here's the simple version:
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Rarbg remove style attribute
    // @version 0.1
    // @match*
    // @grant none
    // ==/UserScript==

    (function() {
    'use strict';

    Haven't tested with a style, so I'm not sure how seamlessly it strips it on page load. There are other more complicated ways of doing it faster, but maybe that's good enough.

    table is a pretty generic selector, but given that you're only stripping the style attribute, there's a good chance it'll be fine. You may wanna re-add the border/margin in your style. Not sure if there are other elements you need to include either.

    Give it a shot and see if it works for what you're looking to do.
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    I was curious, so I checked and it is slow AF. Userscripts aren't my specialty, but here's a fast version using a modified script by wOxxOm with his MutationHandler:
    // ==UserScript==//
    // @name Rarbg remove style attribute
    // @include*
    // @run-at document-start
    // @require
    // ==/UserScript==

    // process the already loaded portion of the page
    'table[style*="border:1px solid #d8d8d8 !important;"]'

    // process the stuff loaded from now on
    'table[style*="border:1px solid #d8d8d8 !important;"]',

    function process(nodes) {
    for (var i=0, n; (n=nodes[i++]); ) {
  • weee works great :D

    As you can see in the image, the border is removed :D
    The upper one was what i saw before, and the lover one after :D

    Thx a lot mate for your help :D

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  • Thanks i have tried this on rarbg proxy websites and its works
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