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Help how to change picture ?

img[src="/imglocation.png"] {
background: url(something.png) no-repeat;

I tried this method but nothing changed.
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  • q1kq1k
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    Unless the image is transparent, you will have to use padding to see the background and then remove height and width.

    img {
      background-image: url();
      padding-top: 10px; /*size of height*/
      padding-left: 10px; /*size of width*/
      height: 0; width: 0; /*this will make the image disappear*/
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    Thank you @q1k

    img[src="nocache-617/img/hockey/wlevel_1.gif"] {
    background: url( no-repeat!important;
    height: 0!important;
    width: 0!important;
    padding-left: 14px!important;
    padding-top: 14px!important;
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