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"Install style" button simply does not work anymore for me.

Not much more to add then the title. When I click on "install style" button from within the website nothing happens. I'm on Firefox 55. Been a while since I've installed a style so no idea when this started to not work.


  • Hi Tyler, which extension is responsible for installing on your Firefox/Waterfox -- the classic Stylish for Firefox, or one of the newer user style extensions (Stylus, xStyle), or Greasemonkey? Can you confirm that it's enabled on the Add-ons page?
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    I was using the old classic stylish add-on. I just switched to the new Stylus Beta and it still doesn't work exactly. I click the install button and it asks if I want to add it but then the style does not show up in the manage styles section for stylus.
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    Make sure you're using the latest Stylus, at the moment.
    It works even in FF52 ESR here.

    P.S. other addons could be interfering. Try disabling everything except Stylish (or Stylus, but not both).

  • same problem here.
  • I'm having a similar issue when the button is Update.

    Installing works fine, but when trying to update (like after picking any custom options for a style) it doesn't work.
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