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Plain text selector?

edited January 2007 in Style Development
Can't find anything here , but is there a selector that allows you to target plain text? Say I wanted all exclamation marks in a specific element to not display?


  • As far as I know, you can neither select elements based on the text within nor select only a portion of a text node.
  • ok thanks. Too bad but I guess that just isn't what css is intended to do...
  • Heh, this was just on and removes extra exclamation marks, but it uses Greasemonkey. Is this what you were thinking of? :)
  • I've been wondering about this for a while. Is there any way that CSS can target a #text node?
  • No. Styles only apply to elements.
  • edited January 2007
    Testing quote function for styling purposes. Can't find delete button, oops.

    Edit: You can style text actually, just using the css text properties of the parent element, like text-align, font-size, color, etc.
  • Yes, obviously you can style text, but you're only applying styles to elements - text doesn't exist for the purpose of selectors.

    <foo>bar</foo> While DOM-wise foo has a text node as a child, foo * { /*...*/} selects nothing.
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