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anyone know why my userstyle doesn't show up in search?

I haven't looked at this in ages but it appears it no longer comes up in searches.


  • Your style does not have a screenshot.

  • calico女 said:

    Your style does not have a screenshot.


    Ah doh. Thanks!
  • It's a fairly recent feature that was implemented with the new site design release. Previously, it didn't matter if you had a screenshot or not.

  • @rmkbow

    Is there any way to fix the dashboard tab text color in the Hootsuite Dark Theme (New UI & Streams)? In the css code, keep changing values, but only thing that we can get to change is the background color of the tab itself, lightening it up to be able to see the text, not the text, as the text refuses to change.

    Anyone here have any ideas?

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