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Dark style for Firefox 55 Devtools? Need one that works?

Hi can some nice person direct me to a dark style that works for Firefox 55.0.3 Devtools. I had to remove a bunch of my addons including Firebug so I need to use the devtools but cannot find a dark style that works.

I tried:

I need the inspector to be dark and I have trouble with the search on this sire.


  • q1kq1k
    edited September 2017 Firefox

    You don't need a style for it.

    And yes, the search function on this site is broken. It's been like that ever since they changed the design.

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  • Thanks that is 100% better. I new the find style for site feature in the stylish addon was brocken did not no it was the same for the site.
  • HI cant remember how I changed font color in stylish custom from black to white I went into the colors tab and set #FFFFFF but did not do anything and cant find a userstyle again because the freaking search does not work.
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