1 error prohibited this style from being saved [fixed]

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So i'm trying to update a code of a pre-existing extension because that owner stopped updating it. I just copy/pasted the CSS then using the same format added the new stuff (it puts a background on images on a stupid dragon site)

this is the area the error is supposedly coming from

img[src$='/food/1132.png'], /* Gradish */
img[src$='/trinket/12738.png'], /* Shadowbinder's Tears Raven Sylvan Anklets */
img[src$='/food/11817.png'], /* Autumn Pennant Raven Sylvan Anklets */
img[src$='/trinket/21553.png'], /*Bluesand Agate */
background: #FF159B;
} /* PANK */

/* middlingly valuable ingreds (~1kt - ~5kt) */
img[src$='/trinket/21375.png'], /* Flamerest Embers */
img[src$='/trinket/21386.png'], /* Sharpened Setheris Lance */
img[src$='/trinket/23853.png'], /* Birch Bark Sheet */

and this is the error

There were problems with the following fields:

Style code has an error - parse error on value "{" (LBRACE) on line 69 around "e */



  • The fourth selector -- the last selector before { -- should not have a comma after it.

    How far does that get you?
  • That helped thank you!!

    I've got a couple more errors but figured them out but now I have this and ????

    Style code has an error - parse error on value "img" (IDENT) on line 268 around "nts */

    (this is 261 through 271)
    img[src$='/trinket/23840.png'] /* Pohip Figurine (Onyx Seraph Anklet)

    background: #eecf00;
    } /* yellow */

    /* Baldwin Recipe Ingredients */
    img[src$='/trinket/2047.png'], /* Common Podid Claws */
    img[src$='/trinket/2048.png'], /* Southmarsh Podid Claws */
    img[src$='/trinket/886.png'], /* Smoky Quartz */
    img[src$='/trinket/788.png'], /* Broken bottle */

    (the actual post isn't showing the indent but i've tried taking it away and it did nothing)
  • Where is the closing comment tag for that first line (261)?
  • lol i'm an idiot, adding that fixed it and I was able to figure out the rest of the issues on my own. Thank you!
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