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Weird Behavior -- My CSS Affecting Other Sites

edited September 2017 in Style Development Chrome
I got strange behavior in my CSS for In one of my codes I colored the reply textbox in the comment section in WS. That’s not a problem. The problem is that the CSS affects other textboxes in other sites. Its turned into a global CSS.

This happened cuz I put an extra “}” after another “}” in the middle of the code. But if I remove it, the textbox in WS won't be colored. Here's part of the code:

section.comments-holder {background: #000 url( center/cover fixed !important;

div.textarea, div.textarea-wrapper, textarea.textarea {
background: #333 !important;
color: white !important;
border: none !important;
Like I said, if I remove the extra “}” in the middle of the code, the textbox in WS won't be colored. I tried placing it at the end of the code and it won't work either. I think the reply textbox is somehow linked to I attached the CSS code as text file. I want to ensure the code is limited only to WS and no other sites. Need your help.


  • This is a help forum for extensions which are very different depending on which browser you're using. Because of this, the forum detects and displays your UA string, so other members can see which browser you're using and answer accordingly.

    You, however, are constantly asking questions regarding Firefox while posting from Opera or Chrome. You consistently receive Chrome specific advice because of this, and respond "Oh, I need instructions for Firefox". You've already been told that this stupid, and you continue to do so. Stop posting Firefox issues from other browsers.

    Like I said, if I remove the extra “}” in the middle of the code, the textbox in WS won't be colored.

    The disqus iframe isn't part of WSHH, so:
    @-moz-document domain("") {...}
    will not include it. Adding an extra curly bracket before it just excludes it from that block, and without any @-moz-doc, that section is applied globally.

    To make it specific to disqus iframes on certain domains only, you need to key on unique strings in the iframe URLs, which disqus iframes typically have.

    For WSHH, you'd wrap the code in:

    regexp("https?://disqus\\.com/embed/.*=worldstar.*") {...}

    Btw, I maintain a personal style for WSHH, WSCANDY, and WSUNCUT. You're welcome to check it out and see if you like it.
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