How do I change the logo image and the 'new' images?

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1, How do I change the logo on top of the page from here: ?

I tried:
.forumtitle {background: url(!important}

It doesn't work, I think the image I'm tring to add is behind the website default logo. (So my logo from imgur is behind the page logo), I've tried position: absolute or relative, z-index: 1, but none of them work.

2, How do I change the 'NEW tag' image near new posts? You need to be logged in to see the 'new' tags near the new posts:

I'll upload some images so you don't need to register there:

As you can see, each 'new' image has a random id:

alt text

Other 'new' image has another random id:

alt text

#newicon80330 {background: url(!important}

The problem is that it only applies only to one 'new' image tag (the specified id) and IT'S BEHIND THE ORANGE IMAGE (is the same problem as with the logo behind the page's logo).

Someone can help me? Thanks!


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