Make black theme for Tanki X forums

I tried doing it myself but it seems difficult for me.

Can someone please make black theme for this site: ?
No other requirements, just make the background black. White is hurting my eyes.

I will be very thankful to you


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    quick and dirty:
    @-moz-document domain("") {
    .ipsNavBar_primary:not(.ipsNavBar_noSubBars) > ul::before,
    #ipsLayout_header nav {
    background: #000 !important; }

    .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:nth-child(2n):not(.ipsDataItem_selected):not(.ipsModerated):not(.ipsDataItem_new):not(.ipsDataItem_success):not(.ipsDataItem_warning):not(.ipsDataItem_error):not(.ipsDataItem_info):not(.ipsDataItem_status) {
    background: #222 !important; }

    body {
    color: #177cc4 !important; }

    .ipsNavBar_secondary > li > a,
    .ipsNavBar_secondary > li > a:hover,
    .ipsNavBar_secondary > li.ipsNavBar_active a {
    color: #9bb3c3 !important; }

    a:hover {
    color: #82ae82 !important; }
  • How it will work? What I have to do now?

    Thanks for helping.
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    Write new style, click import and paste this code there then Append to style. Enter a name for style and save.
  • @Pabli I think you meant "import".
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