License glitch

This is a minor glitch but it's one I noticed while looking at one of my styles. If you choose to use your default license for a style, it says "License: not set" on the style's main page. However, changing it to a license on the list on the edit style page properly sets it to what you selected.


  • The whole redesign is a glitch.
    So many users have asked they return the old website, and put this new crap on a beta domain until the bugs are ironed out and functionality is restored (namely advanced search). But apparently they just want to watch the world burn

  • edited September 8 Chrome
    Did the glitch with the licenses happen before the website changed? I wasn't here long before it happened.

    I think some parts of the new design like its appearance is better than how it was before (especially with my dark style) but the license, glitch, no additional screenshots, advanced style customization being hidden near the "Show CSS" button, and the bad search engine all make the new website version worse. This really should've been on its own domain until it's all at least close to what it was before...
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