[Solved, I guess.] How to make the Data URI shorter? o_O

edited September 2017 in Style Development Firefox
I've been looking at some other codes a few times, noticing a lot of data URI being much shorter than they're supposed to be and I was wondering, how is this possible? I tried to reproduce it with my own but that just didn't work at all. So I am 100% confused here. I know that the smaller the image is the smaller the code will be, but even12x44 gives me a code with over 2660 characters vs that one code which isn't mine, 33x36 with only 606 characters. Mine is in PNG however, while the other one I think it's in JPG.

Never mind, I think I understand now. It's also based on the colors. More colors will make the code longer. The short URI only has black and gray while mine has maybe 9 different tons of colors or more into it. :/
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