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Stylish not working on youtube?

About 3 days ago my stylish stopped working on youtube, I was using firefox 32-bit, switched to 64 to try fixing it but no luck, I've tried about 10 different styles from different people but none work, this is the closest I've gotten it to working (Whole page should have a red background)

Any advice is greatly appreciated


  • Not working in Chrome either
  • Maybe you installed styles for the old youtube design, but the site comes in the new material design.
    You can restore youtube classic design by clicking the menu with the three dots on the upper right (then select last item). Or google how to do it, seems to change from time to time. Maybe it's not even possible anymore.
  • Was using umbra and noticed this today. went to go install BlackTube and now the Install Style button doesn't do anything for any style
  • All Youtube themes (at least whole site themes) are currently broken.

    Youtube updated their Webcode within the last week.
    You will have to wait until the Themers update their individual themes.

    So any themes with a "last update" before 09/01/17 will not work.

    HOWEVER, Youtube now has a built in Dark Theme!! Click on your user icon and you'll see an option for "Dark Theme: Off"
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