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How Do I Change Font Color of Nav Popup in Playstore?

Hi guys,

Look at the screen shot. Circled in red is the problem. I'm trying to get the font in that left popup navigation box white. I tried doing it but I cant find the code. Could you guys help?
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  • What is exactly your struggle (what you've tried/done)?

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    .nav .menu-link span .title {
    color: white !important;
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    pierO'nMu said:

    .nav .menu-link span .title {
    color: white !important;

    Hi pierO'nMu,

    When I apply your code it works. But I get the error in the screenshot attached. I get these cut-off words circled in red. How do I get rid of those?

    Also attached is my CSS file. Looking forward to your next reply. Thanks.

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  • .nav .menu-link span .title {
    color: white !important;

    .nav .hidden-item .menu-link span .title {
    color: transparent !important;

    .hidden-item {
    pointer-events: none!important;
    pointer-events: none!important; is just a hack so you don't have to also specify all the weird :hover code you've implemented while trying to figure out this menu. It'll work, and I'm not gonna try to fix all the odd choices you've made, but you probably should.

    :not() is tempting to overuse when you first learn it, but it should be reserved as a last resort, or a quick hack for code you don't intend to build on. Style an element, and if you want to override it, use specificity. Using :not() actually screws with specificity and makes it harder to learn. I speak from experience.

    .nav-container:hover .menu-link.not-selected:not(:hover)

    should at least be:

    .nav-container .menu-link.not-selected:not(:hover)

    You've been at this for a little while now, so when you see text that shouldn't be colored, and you look in the html and see .hidden-item, you should be able to crack that code. If I were you, I'd erase all the nav menu code and start over. Use specificity instead of all the weird :hover and :not() hacks. The menu isn't the simplest, so it'd be good practice to style it correctly.
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