New "Google Maps Max Updated!" Issues with Greasemonkey - Help Requested.

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I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why my style here ( works great with Stylish but requires the browser window be resized before it displays correctly for Greasemonkey users (and when compiled to a Firefox extension). Not being a Greasemonkey user myself, this was unexpected.

In Greasemonkey and the extension, there is significant white space on the bottom of the window that shouldn't be there. Resizing the window causes the map to fill the whitespace.

Any ideas or help greatly appreciated...


  • I guess I should add, by the way, that the style modifies Google Maps by removing header elements and the copyright notice; displays the map in the full browser window; and increases the size of the inset map (x 4) and height of the directions sidebar (to full browser window height). Like on the normal site, the sidebar can be hidden. Uses no on-hover effects or transparencies.
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