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I'm trying to style gmail and greader. I work with FF2 (firebug installed) and I'm wondering how can I have a live preview of what I'm doing (css work) without having to input and save everytime my css changes in the style management (stylish). It's not very productive as you have to save and close, refresh in the browser, look at your changes and go back opening style management. pfiouuuu. .. discouraging.

Thanks for any clue.



  • Click the "Preview" button to preview the style without saving it.

    This works 99% of the time. I've been doing some hacking of Google maps and find it's sometimes necessary not to just refresh the page but to go to another page and then come back to Google maps, but that's an extreme case.

    In any event it beats the old method - add one line of code, exit Firefox, restart Firefox, navigate back to page ...
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