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Cannot install any style

still two days all styles in chrome stopped and cannot install any style . when click on install doesn't install and return to install situation


  • Same, the new website has caused me nothing but problems.
  • Just use Stylus instead of Stylish, it works.
  • Stylus doesn't help. If anything it doesn't have the few preview that stylish has and offers the same manual functionality.
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    Don't know what you are doing. I just tested installing styles via install button.
    Works well with:
    Firefox 54.0.1 + Stylus
    Chrome 60.0.3112.101 + Stylus
    Stylus doesn't display those suggestions / previews because of respect for your privacy.
    Stylish however sends a request for suggestions / previews to whenever you visit a website. Therefore they are logging your complete history.
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    Past the privacy, the issue here is really that on my laptop doesn't install anything on one browser (Ubuntu 17.4/Chromium 60.0.3112.78) but does on another one (Chrome 60.0.3112.90). Just to be sure, I did test the same on my desktop (windows 10 pro) and both browser are letting the website install styles (Chromium 62.0.3186.0 & Chrome 60.0.3112.101). All this is confusing as the laptop is just out of the box and google account has been synched accross all browser.

  • Stylish has had bugs with installing styles in most forks other than Google Chrome, and also has issues with Linux. The bug is actually with the website itself, not the extension. They refuse to acknowledge it, let alone fix it. It's been broken for many users for quite a few months now.

    Stylus implemented a workaround for Chromium forks and Linux right after it happened. The Stylish devs don't care about much, and bugs don't exist unless they affect Google Chrome on Windows.
  • Stylus doesn't help.

    So did you test it? I can read out of anagrammar's comment that it shouldn't be buggy with Stylus.
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