Cannot install any style

still two days all styles in chrome stopped and cannot install any style . when click on install doesn't install and return to install situation


  • same here.
  • Same, the new website has caused me nothing but problems.
  • Just use Stylus instead of Stylish, it works.
  • Stylus doesn't help. If anything it doesn't have the few preview that stylish has and offers the same manual functionality.
  • edited August 15 Firefox
    Don't know what you are doing. I just tested installing styles via install button.
    Works well with:
    Firefox 54.0.1 + Stylus
    Chrome 60.0.3112.101 + Stylus
    Stylus doesn't display those suggestions / previews because of respect for your privacy.
    Stylish however sends a request for suggestions / previews to whenever you visit a website. Therefore they are logging your complete history.
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