I'm VERY NEW to this website and I've been like linstalling some of the user styles that I saw that interested me, and I ddidn't really know what exactly it would do, thinking I'd just easily be able to UNiNSTALL it, consideriing how easy it was to iNSTALL it. Anyways, I downloaded//insalled, " GLASS EVERY PAGE, " and for some reason I'm having the MOST DiFFiCULT TiME deletng it or uninstalling it. Can someone PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE HELP ME OUT And tell me what to do to get rid of it!!!?!?? I can't seee anthing I'm typing in the toolbar and it's pretty shitty..
Thanks and your help would be GREATLY APPRECiATED!!!!..


  • Press SHIFT + ESC
    In the task manager, end the process of the style extenstion.
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