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css change with instagram

edited August 2017 in Stylish Firefox
it seems that instagram has made a change that causes the Instagram grid style to stop working.

They also start to hide the image location. very evil


  • Got the same thing as well. Sucks :(

    Every name seems to have been changed.
  • i can still get image locations from instagram viewer sites but none of them support browsing the feed with a tile vew
  • edited August 2017 Firefox
    Those sites pull the image and caption and use their own css formatting.

    Instagram seems the have changed their css class id/names and that's all from what I see. I managed to get my proper alignment back, but I can't get images on a grid layout.

    Now if someone was to get a userstyle script from a new updated script (like a theme which utilizes a large amount of ids/names) and compare the old css ids/names with the new changed ones, then they could probably fix grid that way. That's only if the ids/names were changed and nothing else. It's a pain in the ass to go in and test each individual id/name (I use element hider which helps).

    Hopefully the grid dev is working on a fix. Grid isn't deserted from the looks of it since the last update was 7/27/2017 and there's been many updates since then.

    Really not sure why there are no alternatives to grid since IG has sooooo much white space and way too much scrolling to deal with. Having image thumbnails on a grid makes sense. Not sure why it's not in the default layout or at least given as an option. Unless they're wanting to add banner ads in the future.
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