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Does not with Firefox v.57 (manage style page is gone)

Was trying to updated a style but found out that the firefox v57 disabled the manage style page.

I used this extension with legacy fix. hopefully a fix/update? ^:)^


  • Stylish for Firefox as we have known it probably has reached the end of the line. As far as I know, we have not seen an announcement about a non-Legacy (WebExtensions) versions of Stylish for Firefox.

    The code of Stylish for Chrome was ported to WeExtensions by another author as Stylus ( ). Whether it's Stylus or a future release of Stylish on Firefox, rules for the browser will need to be migrated to a userChrome.css file instead.
    warsaww7 said:

    I used this extension with legacy fix. hopefully a fix/update?

    Hmm, what's the legacy fix?
  • I've just retrograded my firefox nightly browser to 56 and this extension is working again. it seems the changes they've made on the 57 release will cause stylish to not work.
    Jefferson said:

    Hmm, what's the legacy fix?

    I meant the preference setting firefox require its users to change to allow legacy extensions.

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    Me too. Can't use Stylish on Firefox Nightly 57

  • Me too. Can't use Stylish on Firefox Nightly 57

    As expected based on earlier comments in this thread.
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    Just use Stylus instead of Stylish. It works.
    Jefferson already provided a link + info.
    What's the advantage of staying with legacy Stylish?
  • thanks for the help guys, works for me too now.
  • Sad to see the manage style page is gone. That include Greasemonkey manage page too then. My worries are real but hopefully Firefox will return it back soon. Until then I'll stay with Firefox Dev Edition v54 for as long as it can. That add with Firegestures and Omnisidebar addon make Firefox much more awesome, but can't be helped as v56 is the last version that support those addons.

    Sorry for ranting here lol. I just try Nightly v57 yesterday and uninstall it after few minutes.
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    Hi undersky, Greasemonkey devs are working on a WebExtensions version. I don't know what that looks like at this point.

    The Stylish devs have remained silent on their plans for Firefox 57 (if any).
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    You can test the completely rewritten Greasemonkey (which may be renamed to webbymonkey?) like described here to see the status of progress.

    If they don't finish early enough you can use Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey for Firefox which already are WebExtensions.

  • I'm thinking of staying with FF 56 for a while, maybe a few months. I use extensions that I can't give up.
    But it's disheartening to see what Mozilla is doing with Firefox and see what the current developers are doing with Stylish.
  • Well, I'll also lose a lot of extensions but I can understand Mozilla. Compare it to a car, you can't maintain it forever when you want to make progress and compete with current cars. So from time to time you need a new bodywork. But the new car comes with a lot more plastic material and maybe you even can't change the lightbulbs by yourself.

    Many extensions will be rewritten and some non maintained ones simply deserve to die anyway.
    Actually that's something I admire Microsoft for. They made it possible to run tons of old programs just on out of the box current Windows.
  • Yes, I also understand Mozilla, I just don't agree with the change.
    If it's to make a limited browser like Chrome, then it's best to switch to Chrome at once. For me, Firefox will die.
    I hope some fork continues with unlimited customization possibilities.
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    If Firefox becomes more limited and at some point FF and Chrome are equally limited, how should switching to Chrome help? Makes no sense to me.
    You can change because you are mad at them for the decision and want to see Firefox die, but that won't give you a better customizing experience either way.
    I use both, but mainly FF and will see how things evolve.
  • I've read that FF webextension is more powerful than chrome extension, and that's a good sign for us. Though from the reddit comment that I read from Mozilla employee, the extension that need deep API (I think we call it API) won't make it to webextension, at least for a long time. That's a problem because from what I see, many popular addons require deep one and I think Firegestures that I love is also one of it.

    Complete theme also won't happen past v57 from what I read and I understand, as it's also hard for theme devs to maintain complete theme when FF change some of the code. I just can't imagine FF without FT Deepdark and I hope FF can come up with a real dark theme, that also theme setting page and others just like complete theme.

    In this big FF migration, the problem that many people see is why Mozilla wants to make it as quick as they can. Many think that they should wait at least another 1-2 years before making this big jump, as it will give more time for more API to complete, and it will still can give some justice to devs that spend lots of their time converting extensions to e10s compatible. One of the dev that creates few popular addons, Quicksaver (Luis Miguel) is one of the dev that was frustrated with the sudden migration, and he decided to stop developing and updating his extensions for FF. I'd recommend his addons for those that haven't try it like Tab Groups, Beyond Australis, Findbar Tweak and Omnisidebar. Those are excellent.

    I guess I'm just so addicted with FF addons like many other users, and people can't imagine a browser without all those awesome addons. FT Deepdark combine with Beyond Australis, with Firegestures and Omnisidebar, I can;t ask for more. Many users also heavily depend on certain addons such as Vimperator. My solution for now is to stay with FDE v54 for years to come until many websites are broken. Somehow I hope Mozilla can release some kind of security patches for those that want to stay with old version. I think I'll try request it to them. I'll still download and use v57 when it comes out for stable release for secure browsing, such as banking.

    FF migration is kinda like Opera story. Somehow now I can understand how Opera 12 users feel. Who knows one day some of Mozilla employees will disagree with Mozilla vision and they make their own browser, just like Vivaldi browser story. Hopefully there will be a strong fork FF browsers past v57. If not I'll just stay with old version and I believe many will do the same, like Opera 12 users did. Lastly, if I can choose chromium browsers or FF, I'll still choose FF. Using 2 or more browsers is also a good thing like stonecrusher said and I do the same.

    Let's see how things evolve.

    Tldr - I feel there's still hope. FF is much much better than Opera team for me.

    Sorry for my grammar and long reply and to OP, sorry for ranting here again. lol
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    btw Nightly v57 icon is beautiful. Props to the icon artist. I even make it as my taskbar icon for FF.

  • Maybe they install an exclusion switch to allow deep access as long as the official API is so incomplete. And maybe they even extend the deadline.
    Yes, there is still hope other than userstyles / stylish ...

    btw I have about 40 addons but none of the ones you mentioned.
  • Will any FF fork continue to accept full themes and older extensions?
    This would be a good solution.
  • Will any FF fork continue to accept full themes and older extensions?

  • Interesting, although not having the Australis interface.
  • About the big deep hole where Firefox should fall, i use its fork
    Waterfox (which is very usable without restrictions):
    Disabled Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
    Disabled Web Runtime (deprecated as of 2015)
    Removed Pocket
    Removed Telemetry
    Removed data collection
    Removed startup profiling
    Allow running of all 64-Bit NPAPI plugins
    Allow running of unsigned extensions
    Removal of Sponsored Tiles on New Tab Page
    Addition of Duplicate Tab option
    Locale selector in about:preferences > General

  • But Waterfox is practically a clone of Firefox.
    It will only be an alternative if it continues based on xul and if it accepts the legacy extensions.
  • Good News.
    Mozilla will regret killing Firefox.
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