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Elusive codes

How to find the code from element which dissapears when cursor don't hovering on it. This question not just about ":hover:, for example, code/element which visible only when I hover cursor with file on element. Can I someway freeze the code on page to find the simmilar code? ex. I hover cursor with file on field and so, element is appears, I'd press some special cey to freeze the page, and element would not dessapear when I move cursore on code to copy it becouse I was press on special key. Is it possible?


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  • Pabli said:


    As I already said some blocks appears not just when you hover it
  • Loading image as example. loading block as dissapears in code as dessapears in page. Some of them are very quickly so I can't catch them
  • e.x this. It's dessapears when I not hover mouse with file on block. Of course, I can photo it and rewrite, but sometimes I'm not able do this
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