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Changing visited link color back to purple

All I want to do is make search engine results (and other sites) show which links I have already visited. That used to be standard and now I can't get anything to work right. I do research and am flying all over the place trying different combinations of words and terms to find what I need. What I do NOT need is to keep opening the same links over and over!!! And that has been happening. You think I'm going to memorize 50-100 link titles in a day when many have very similar wording??? Not going to happen. What lame-brained "wisdom" decided to do away with having the visited links a different color??? Someplace recommended Stylish to help me. I am NOT a programmer so any coding will need to be clear as to how and where to put what.


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    At least 99% of the time, all that's required is a simple line of code:
    /* AGENT_SHEET */
    a:visited, a:visited * {color: red!important;}
    In FF, the /* AGENT_SHEET */ trick will override the rare instances where !important is used by the site.

    To apply it globally, click the icon/write a new style/blank style, and copy/paste as-is, name and save.

    To apply only to certain sites, follow the same steps, but use this template instead:
    /* AGENT_SHEET */
    @-moz-document domain(""), domain("") {
    a:visited, a:visited * {color: red!important;}
    To add domains, follow the same format:
    /* AGENT_SHEET */
    @-moz-document domain(""), domain(""), domain("") {
    a:visited, a:visited * {color: red!important;}
    Change red to whatever you like using supported names or hexes.

    The rare links that won't work are those which have no href, and are entirely controlled by javascript. No CSS solution for those. You may also rarely come across instances where the text you'd like to change colors isn't a child of the link, but more of a sibling or nephew. You'd need to use various combinations of + and ~ to target them. These would need to be done specifically, per site.

    In general, the exceptions to the rule are few and far between, and the above code should be all you need for the most part.

    Edit: Also, just to be thorough, colorizing visited links works by cross-referencing their href with URLs in your browser history. If you happen to set FF to "Never remember history", then there will be no history to cross-reference, and colorization of visited links won't work. The same probably applies to "Private Mode" or whatever FF calls it.
  • If you are using Google, they occasionally experiment on users with links that do not show a different color after you have visited them. Sometimes you can escape the experiment by clearing your Google cookies; in other cases you may need to use a private window (be logged out of Google).

    If you are noticing this on other sites that previously worked correctly, there may be an issue with your Firefox not saving history correctly. Firefox only marks a link visited if the exact URL appears in your history.
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    In addition to what was very well explained above, check out the Firefox color settings too:
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    @"Carol DeLis"
    I created the style, relatively simple, compatibility is not good, but can be used. You can according to the above others said, to modify the style. Portal:

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