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Hello guys.
I need some help to make rounded menu (menupopup, popup, context) and tooltip corner. Since I'm novice my effort stuck, because it can not be achieved just by adding -moz-border-radius, there is always additional box corner in the background, hence I always have rounded from my code and also black box corner behind it.

Tried with default theme or many other custom theme, all result are the same.

Screenshot :
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background-color : #ffffff !important;
background-image: url("bg4.gif") !important;
border: 2px solid !important;
border-color: transparent !important; /*in effort removing unwanted black box corner, not work*/
-moz-border-top-colors: #B1B1B1 white !important;
-moz-border-right-colors: #B1B1B1 !important;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: #B1B1B1 !important;
-moz-border-left-colors: #B1B1B1 white !important;
-moz-border-radius: 6px !important;

Any help to fix this out would highly appreciated. Thanks.


  • I would also like the style code for this. Can anyone help?
  • i was fooling around but all i got was this (its pretty buggy)
    @namespace url(; menupopup *,popup:not([type="autocomplete"]) *, menupopup,popup:not([type="autocomplete"]) { border-color: transparent !important; background-color : transparent !important; }
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