How to Change the Color

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First off, you'll need to get an HTML color code.

You can get one here:

You choose your color then you copy the HTML. For example: Color - Light Pink, HTML - FE9E9E
Put a pound/hashtag sign before the html as shown to the right. FE9E9E > #FE9E9E

Now go to YouTube and click to top right where the Stylish is at. Click "Installed" and find: "YouTube - Custom colors video progress bar". After you find it, press edit.

You will then need to find the blue text, this blue text has to be an html. If it's not, keep looking. Replace the current html in the code with your new html. I chose light pink so I will replace the html with #FE9E9E.


If you have replaced it all then to the left there should be a save button, press it. You should have your desired color. ;]


  • This is my way of changing the color, it complicated but it works.

    Alternative way:

    Click 'advanced style settings', then click the box under where it says "If 'custom,' select a color here". Once you've used the color picker to choose a color, click 'install style' or 'update style' near the top of the page (just below the big picture).

    If you're installing as a user-script (by clicking the 'Install style as user-script' link near the bottom), you won't be able to change the colors.
  • Hey, thanks for posting this, and for the positive review! Hopefully it'll help the people who have been having trouble changing the colours. I'm unable to identify and fix the issue myself so this is appreciated. I'll add a link to this topic on the style's page. Cheers!
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