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How to increase text size of Gmail with Stylish

I would like to increase the size of Gmail text--not only the text in emails that I write, but the font size of all text in Gmail--the inbox emails that I see, as well as the text that I read when I open up an email. Gmail's settings allow me to increase the text of the emails that I send, but I want all text larger.

Is there a style that will let me do this? I found these instructions here: I installed the Stylish extension in Chrome (if someone has a solution for Chrome or Firefox, or both browsers, any way is fine with me); I copied and pasted that user style, but after logging into Gmail, the text was the same size as it was before. Not only that, but I clicked on teh Stylish icon, and evidently Stylish wasn't even seeing this as an operating style (there was some phrase that showed that it wasn't applying the style). I had saved the style; I went in and inserted https::/// blah blah in front of the URL, but that didn't change things.

Is there anything else I can do to apply this userstyle to Gmail? Or is there any other style I can apply, that will increase the font of all Gmail text?


  • Simplest Method, if you are using Chrome or Firefox? Hit Ctrl-"+" until it zooms in to a comfortable level. Ctrl-"-" to zoom back out. Gmail usually handles that pretty well.

    If you really want the style, are you using the Stylish or Stylus add-on? The editors are slightly different between the two.
  • The Stylish addon.

    As far as the zoom--I'll look into that. Yes that would be simplest. I was sure that when I tried that, the zoom for all the pages, not just Gmail, was increased. I'll tinker with that and see if that works. If not, I'll report back and ask for a style.
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