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Making a style “global”

How do you make a style global?

Add rule > Applies to: > Global does not work!


  • Doesn’t work for me
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  • edited July 2017 Chrome
    I thought the /* i really want this to be global */ trick was strictly for US.o sorting.

    From the pic of the code, it looks all good, but it helps to see the code in its entirety. AFAIK, the Safari version is a fork of an older Stylish-for-Chrome. For a global, you'd just leave all "applies to" fields completely blank.

    I don't mess around with fonts much, so I'd have to test the style to know anything more for sure, but obviously it'll fail if the font isn't installed or imported. "Tahoma" is pretty popular, but a decent percentage of Macs don't have it installed by default.

    Edit: Checking your UA, you're posting from your iphone, so it isn't clear what browser you're trying to make this work in. That's an important detail.
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