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A style that can strikethrough entire rows on a table with a toggle button or checkbox for each row

At work I use an internal site (via firefox) that has a table with about 10 columns and multiple rows of data. It helps if I can visually see which rows I'm finished with since the table data only updates hourly. What I would like is a global style that could add a checkbox or toggle button at the beginning of each row, which would put a strikethrough across the entire row. I don't know if this is even possible. I'm just trying to figure out a way to make my job easier until the people that develop the site actually add in this kind of feature. Any help is appreciated.


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    Stylish is for CSS. CSS can change the way things look, but it cannot add functionality like toggles. I'm guessing you're not clicking links inside these rows? If you were, you could change their appearance with CSS using :visited, but for pretty much anything else you'd need javascript, using Grease/Tamper-Monkey. Help with those types of scripts can be found in different forums.

    Bottom line is, it'll be hard to get definitive solutions for sites others can't access. Without seeing the site, it's difficult to guess how it's set up, and what will or won't work. Selectors will be needed, but I guess if it's a common grid layout, it's possible that generic selectors like tr might work.
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