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Fix the new Google News.

I'd be OK with it with two changes. Make that big white header at the top scroll with the page. Get rid of the column on the right. Both modifications strike me as being within the range of what can be easily done here. (But, sadly, not by me.)

In fact, the right column already goes away if I select "For You" at the top. But I don't use that. Just Headlines. I also have the old style search bar which I can easily point at Google News. So that vertical-space-eating header is extremely useless to me. In the rare instance where I might need to use something up there, scrolling to the top of the page would not be an issue. As far as the right column is concerned, it would be nice to have the option of restoring it easily. Such a toggle did exist with the previous News format.


  • The last time Google changed news messing with the columns a stylish dev made a few styles but they don't seem to be active anymore.

    Google makes changes just for the sake of making changes. New hires have to do something I guess.
  • Updated. Menu toggle now toggles both sidebars.
  • This probably isn't possible anymore because Google no longer presents all the news on the same page anymore but this is the way the old original Google News looked and what I used since they made their last unpopular news page changes.

    I swear Google must tell people to go ahead and change things regardless of what actual users think about them.
  • Very good! Excellent. I regret not having responded earlier. (I failed to enable email notification, assuming it would be the default. So I thought my post had got no response.)

    Did you just cook this up in response to my 'plaint? If so, I am very grateful.

    This is probably not worth pursuing. But I used to have left column off with a toggle for the right column only, and I think Google provided the latter toggle. It would still be nice be able to able to easily toggle the right column without having to have the left one.

    Is there a way to set the default for the presence of the outer columns? Oddly, without your style I was experiencing the following. I have 3 Windows 10 computers. On 2 of them, once I kill the left column, it stays gone the next time I go to the Google News page. However, on my desktop computer, the left column keeps coming back every time I go to the page again. I can't figure out what causes the different behavior. It's Firefox, never closed, in all cases.

    Is the scrolling header logic generalizable? There are way too many sites which have obnoxious big headers that won't scroll with the page. The specific such one which bugs me most is ESPN News.

  • Google News redesign: whitespace and scrolling galore on desktop

    by Martin Brinkmann on June 28, 2017 in Google - Last Update:July 10, 2017 73
    Google News for the desktop has been redesigned by Google to make the desktop version of the service "more accessible and easier to navigate".

    Google notes that the new user interface has a "clean and uncluttered look", that the new card format is "easier to browse", and that the new layout focuses on "key elements" such as "publisher names and article labels".

    The company's designers have pretty much changed the whole interface of Google News. There is a new menu at the top to switch between headlines, latest news, personalized news, and regional news.

    The left sidebar lists fewer links, and is only displayed when the width of the browser window exceeds a given minimum width.

    The main pane uses a card design now, as does the right pane which offers weather information, fact checking, and "in the news" topics.

    Interests can be managed more easily on Google News now. All you need to do is click on the "your interests" link in the sidebar after selecting "for you" at the top.

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