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This morning, the logo for my customized iGoogle page changed from what I specified and now shows the Google
Sputnik anniversary logo.

This is my normal logo for this page:

I tried changing the reference for the Google 'Sputnik' anniversary logo to mine with the following code change, but it simply overlays on top of mine.

/*My iGoogle logo*/
#regular_logo, #logo, .GSEALOG {
text-align:right !important;
position:relative !important;
top:0px !important;
bottom:12px !important;
width:260px !important;
height:75px !important;
background-image:url( !important;

What edits are required to always show only my logo?


  • Is it still doing that? I just looked at mine and it's the regular logo.

    I'd guess that Google temporarily changed the html or the style sheet to rename #regular_logo to something else. That's the element that has the background image.

    .gsealog doesn't have a background image so you could probably delete that. I couldn't find #logo.
  • Everything's back to normal this morning.

    I did try to delete the sputnik logo with:

    .gsealog {display:none !important;}

    but that blocked displaying all Google logo's, including mine.

    This is probably going to happen again as Google makes seasonal
    changes to it's logo (Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc) so I guess I'll
    just have to wait until it changes back.
  • Posted By: TRTEverything's back to normal this morning.

    I did try to delete the sputnik logo with:

    .gsealog {display:none !important;}

    but that blocked displaying all Google logo's, including mine.
    I meant delete it from your style, not delete the element.

    You don't need to apply the background-image property to .gsealog because it doesn't have that property to begin with.
  • Thanks. I'm still learning and apparently have a lot to learn yet.

    On a slightly different but related topic, what is the proper syntax to load images for my Theme from my hard drive rather than a hosting site. For example, to load a particular drop-down arrow I now use:

    .fmaxbox{background-image:url( !important;}

    I prefer load this from my hard drive directly from the directory:

    F:/MyDocuments/Icons/FF-Igoogle Icons/dropdown arrow-gray.gif

    I know the forward slashes used in the path shown above should be backslashes, but they don't show up when I type
    them that way.
  • .fmaxbox{background-image:url( " " );} Stylish can take care of the rest with the built-in Insert Data URI.
    Put the cursor in the space then click Insert > Data URI, browse to the image you want and the code will be inserted.
  • file:///C:/images/image.png
    or resource:/images/image.png
    then put image.png in program files\firefox\images
  • Thanks jw25. That worked perfectly.

    ChoGGi, I'd also like to try your recommendations too, but I'm apparently not formatting something correctly.

    I tried the two suggestions you made with the following code:

    .fmaxbox {resource:/icons/dropdown arrow-gray.gif !important;}
    .fmaxbox {file:///F:/My Documents/iGoogle Icons/dropdown arrow-gray.gif !important;}

    I got an error each time saying 'resource' and 'file' were unknown properties.

    Also, my program directory for Firefox images is Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Icons.
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    .fmaxbox{background-image:url("resource:/icons/dropdown arrow-gray.gif")!important}
    the folder you put it in doesnt matter as long as its in your firefox folder
  • Thanks ChoGGI, that worked great.

    By the way, a while back you provided some edits I asked for, for the Google Finance Portfolio,
    and I couldn't get it to work at that time. I then changed to the Advanced Portfolio and like it

    Afterwards, I reinstalled the Google Finance Portfolio in a separate tab and re-applied your edits
    and they work just as they were intended. I don't know what I did wrong the first time, but just
    wanted you to know your advice was correct as usual.

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