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Changing your Avatar.
The only way to currently add or change a forum avatar is through The email address used for your account must be one of the email addresses that is registered to your Gravatar account.

Widget issue

The UserStyles widget does not display in Google Chrome. When will this be fixed? How can I remedy this in the meantime?
My site is an example you can try. My styles do not show on the right.

P.s. The widget used to work on my site.


  • Currently, each user's list of scripts is framed, so you need to use the URL of the framed page.

    Edit this:

    s2.src = "";

    to this:

    s2.src = "";

    Of course, that probably will change at some point...
  • Hi! Unfortunately, seems to be broken again...
  • Is there anybody to help please, thank you!
  • Hello! some news about the widget? is there another way to create a widget? Thanks
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