Basic HTML version of Gmail - label color


Might someone know the little chunk of css to change the color of just the label text
(after an email has been marked) to a different color than any other text on the page color?

There used to be - somewhere - a style that did that. I do not remember the name of it.
I lost it reinstalling my OS a while back and really miss just that bit.

There are a lot of styles that don't work on the basic HTML version of gmail- which is the only one, with my eye sight issues that is clear for me.



  • Label text is dark green and it appears to be the only text on the page with this color. This is useful as we can use attribute selection to select only font tags with this color and change it to something else that stands out.

    Try this:

  • My mistake - I should have asked for the CSS attribute for that part or a style that only changed that specific to the basic html version of gmail.
    If I had a style sheet for the page, that would indeed be helpful.
  • I'm not entirely sure what you're after. I've created a style using the css above. The default is red but you can choose a color and font weight before installing.

    If this is not what you're after perhaps you could explain again or provide an image showing exactly what text you wish to customize?
  • Thank you Steve! That did the trick. Also.. a great color choice, no need to change it.
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