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REQUEST: changing visited link color (simple but you will save my life!)

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Hi guys!
I would like to ask you for a style modification. I need the product main title link to be in WHITE color, after I visit it.
The website is and you need to perform a search, to see the link im talking about

please, can someone help me? i'm a little desperate..
thank you very much!


  • "Product main title link" is pretty vague. You mean the prices? They're the only "titles" I see on products.

    Provide an example URL and a pic with an arrow pointing out what you want changed.
  • i'm, sorry, you are totally right.

    here is the photo, with the indications

    thank you very much again!
  • .item a:visited .main-title,
    .item a:visited .main-title * {
    color: white!important;
    Should do the trick.
  • edited June 2017 Chrome
    I appreciate so much! You can sleep deeply, because you did a annonymous guy very happy. Seriously, i would spend days to figure it out alone... thanks!
  • corcova said:

    you did a annonymous guy very happy.

    Almost as rewarding as pissing off random strangers on the internet. Happy to help.
  • Waterfox
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