Request: display the bookmarks inside of toolbar folders in multiple columns (Firefox)

Hi there,

I have pretty much zero coding experience and don't know how to write styles myself. There are a few things I've been looking for though, and I would be incredibly grateful if someone else could write them for me.

1. A style for multiple-column bookmarks in Firefox. When I click on a folder in my bookmarks toolbar, if I have too many bookmarks saved to that folder I have to scroll down to access them. A way to organize them in multiple columns would be great.

2. A style that expands the number of folder shortcuts you're given when saving new bookmarks. When I click on the star to bookmark a page and then click on 'folder' to choose where I want the bookmark to be saved, I'm given only five recent locations. Being able to display more recent locations would be very useful. When I click "choose" to see all of my available bookmark locations, being able to adjust the window so it's larger (right now you can only see seven folders at a time) would also be quite useful, although I understand that this one is a little nitpicky.

I don't know if anyone will see this, but maybe someone will and their interest will be piqued. Thank you!
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